Friday, June 7, 2013

Come and Get Me Review

Title: Come and Get Me
Author: Alyssa Brooks

On one hand the sex was good. On the other hand, Sadie annoys the crap out of me.

Sadie, the heroine of the story, is an immature grown woman who has no problem wasting her parents money to fly around the world to have wild sex with her fiance. Her fiance that she truly, honestly loves even though she needs to continuously run away from him because of their bad sex life instead of, you know, talking to him about it. She also doesn't care, in fact she's glad, that he lost his job because he was chasing her ass around the world. Sadie was fine at the beginning of the book but by the end I was just annoyed at her and didn't like her at all. Sadie just didn't care about anyone else but herself. She didn't care how much this was going to cost her parents or how this would eventually lead to Dylan losing his job.

I wish I could not worry about money and just travel and have hot sex whenever I felt like it. That's kind of why I was drawn to this book, but Sadie's complete selfishness with everything was too annoying to read about.

But on the flip side, there were some good sex scenes in this book. There was some nice love making on the beach in Hawaii, and in Italy. Then some more BDSM-esque scenes in Cairo and the latter half of the book complete with a sexy foursome!

Rating: 3 out of 5 Flowers

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